• Nov 14 2016

    Holiday Hazards

    Decorating the house and tasty treats are just some of the fun things to look forward to during the holidays! It is important to remember and be cautious of decorations and table food that can…

  • Nov 14 2016

    Picking a New Pet

    We believe owning a pet can be one of the most fulfilling relationships in your life. We also realize that picking out a new pet is not always an easy choice and there are many factors to think about.…

  • Sep 14 2016

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    Cancer Awareness in Pets

    Cancer is one of the most prevalent causes of death in dogs and cats. While there are some similarities, cancer in pets is very different from cancer in humans. Many cancers present as a lump or bump.…

  • Jul 01 2016

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    Identifying and Preventing Heat Stroke in Pets

    On hot summer days it is important to remember our pets and their sensitivity to heat. Heat stroke is a very serious and often fatal condition that occurs when an animal's cooling mechanisms cannot…

  • Jun 08 2016

    Emergency Preparedness for Pets

    Natural disasters and emergency situations can happen to anyone at anytime. It is important to be prepared and not wait until it is too late. We have prepared a quick list of important items to keep…

  • May 31 2016

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    Vacation Planning for Your Pet

    Is your pet going on vacation with you? Here are some helpful tips and reminders that will make vacation planning with your pet a breeze. …

  • Apr 01 2016

    Importance of Vaccinating

    Understanding the importance of vaccines and the role they play in preventing diseases can help you Be Vaccine Smart. Vaccine-preventable diseases are still common. Dogs and Cats of all ages and…