The Wrigley Speaker Foundation

Wrigley was a beautiful west highland white terrier that meant the world to her family. Her pet parents, John and Cheryl, were blessed to be able to financially support Wrigley as she battled diabetes and many other medical conditions in the latter years of her life. The Speaker family started this fund to offer support for families with pets in need. They hope Wrigley’s memory will live on through those that are blessed by Wrigley’s fund.

A note from Wrigley…

Don’t be sad for me because I’m set free from the eyes that tortured me. I know it’s hard for I miss you too but please know you did all you could do. I had a great life all that knew me did see I was treated as royalty, but the life cycle must go on and it was my name that was called to go home. I had the best vet and the best care I want all of you to be aware. I want to thank everyone that helped me from my friends to my family, and to those I haven’t met my life on earth may help you yet. My mom and dad want to set up a memorial fund in memory of me that can help others who are in need. Thanks for a great run in life. Love, Wrigley.