You will be greeted by the receptionist. They will check you in, get a weight on your pet and let the veterinarian know you are here. A technician will look over and prepare your pets chart for the veterinarian. An assistant will come to the lobby, call your name, and bring you to an exam room to wait for the veterinarian. If your pet is here for any routine testing such as a heart worm test or an intestinal parasite exam, the assistant will bring your pet to the treatment area to get these test started. The assistant will return to the exam room with your pet. The veterinarian will be in shortly after to administer to your pet the vaccines or prevention needed. The veterinarian will also give your pet a good overall exam and answer any questions you may have about your pets’ health. When the veterinarian is finished you can return to the lobby to pay for today’s visit. The assistant will be more than happy to hold your pet while you check out or assist with taking your pet to the vehicle. Also, there are leash hooks at the front desk for your convenience.

Please make sure ALL pets are on a leash or in a carrier.