Companion Therapy Laser

We have a new non-invasive way to treat your small or large animal. In late 2011 we added a therapy laser to our hospital. The therapy laser works to increase blood flow and decrease inflammation in the affected area. It has proven to be successful in many of our patients with Osteoarthritis. The therapy laser can be used to treat many issues ranging from arthritis to ear infections and even speed healing time on wounds.

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Before and after images of real life cases studies:

1. therapylaser-pedal dermatitis 2. therapylaser-ear2 3. therapylaser-lickgranuloma

  1. Atoptic Pedal Dermatitis- Before and after 24 hours 
  2. Acute Otitis Externa- Before and after 5 days of of therapy laser treatment
  3.  Lick Granuloma- Before and after 8 weeks of therapy laser treatment

therapylaser-acute lameness   therapylaser-acute lameness2Acute Lameness- Glasha was treated with medication for  pain and inflammation. She was also cage rested for 8 weeks. She was seen by three veterinary practices. Amputation of  the left front leg and rear leg was recommended. After the fourth therapy treatment, Glasha greeted her owner in an  exam room bearing full weight and jumped into her lap.


In the video below, Dr. Jessica Duncan talks about the therapy laser and gives a demonstration.