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We offer wellness services to keep your pet healthy year round.

From minor illnesses to major emergencies, our veterinarians provide compassionate, comprehensive care.

Spays, Neuters, Complex Procedures

Each tooth cleaned thoroughly above and below the gum line then polished to create a smooth, lustrous tooth surface more resistant to plaque build-up.

Laboratory testing such as a complete blood count, chemistry panel, thyroid function test, and urinalysis help our veterinarians make an accurate diagnosis and monitor your pets’ response to treatment.

Digital radiography is a non-invasive procedure that produces images and helps veterinarians diagnose disease/injury in the chest, abdomen and musculoskeletal system.

Ultrasound allows us to examine internal organs for location, size, shape, texture and blood supply. The ultrasound machine sends sound waves into the body and then listens for the echoes, the machine then uses these echoes to form a picture of the inside of your pet!

The therapy laser works to increase blood flow and decrease inflammation in the affected area. The therapy laser can be used to treat many issues ranging from arthritis to ear infections and even speed healing time on wounds.

Underwater treadmill therapy is a valuable rehabilitation tool. Specific conditions that would benefit from underwater treadmill therapy include: geriatric patients with decreased mobility, Intervertebral disc disease/IVDD (spine/back issues), Post-operative orthopedic surgeries, Tendon/ligament injuries, Endurance training, Obesity, etc.

During this process we take three radiographs of the patients hips and submit them for evaluation. The information gathered during the evaluation will give an estimate of the pets potential risk for osteoarthritis (OA) from canine hip dysplasia (CHD) later in life.

We offer monthly payment plans for routine wellness services starting at $34 a month.

From over the counter remedies to advanced prescription medications, pharmaceutical needs can be serviced through our extensive in-hospital pharmacy.  In addition, medications can be ordered through our online pharmacy and compounded to meet specific patient needs.

Our Team

“The staff is caring and the service is first rate. The doctors are amazing and really do care about your fur baby. Zoe says they are Pawtastic!”

Carmen and "Zoe" Cheek

“We had just moved to the area bringing our 19 year old cat with us. She was not acting right and I decided to take her to the vet. Montgomery Animal was recommended to us. The staff was so very kind and helpful on the phone and when I arrived they met me with a smile. We were new clients, and everyone was so kind, helpful and sympathetic to our Isabella’s needs. They are the best I have ever encountered and will be my “other doctor “ for life!”

Cindy and “Minnie + Violet” Steinmetz

“The employees here are great, they keep me updated on everything happening with my dog, Molly. The staff is so friendly, and the facility is very clean. Five years later, and we still love them!”

Lisa and “Molly” Roberts

“Professional, upbeat, and friendly staff, especially the reception team. They made the process much easier and fast.”

Katlyn and “Daisy + Zelda” Winderweedle

“The best in our area, give very personal and professional support for our furbaby! Extremely well-trained staff who make sure you and your pet are taken care of without stress! I highly recommend their services!”

Lane and “Sophie” Cripps