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We recommend making payment arrangements prior to arrival in order to make the process smoother. We know making this decision is never easy and our priority is to provide comfort for you and your pet during this time. As the owner, there are a couple of decisions you will need to make before your appointment.

If you decide to stay with your pet you will be brought to an exam room to wait while your pet is taken to the treatment area for an IV catheter. Once the catheter is set, we will bring your pet to the exam room. Shortly after, the veterinarian will come in to administer the injections. The first injection your pet receives will be a sedative to help them relax and keep them from feeling any pain. When you pet has reached a peaceful sleep the veterinarian will administer the second injection. Once this injection is given the heart will stop beating and breathing will cease. At this point, you will be given a few moments with your pet to say good bye.

We know it is not easy to witness the passing of a loving companion and if you prefer your pet can be taken to the treatment area for the euthanasia. The same steps mentioned above will be followed and we will be sure to show compassion and love in your pets’ final moments. You can wait in the lobby area during the process or return when your pets’ remains are ready to be picked up.
For your pets remains we offer two options. We can place your pet in a size appropriate burial box. You can then take your pet home to bury in a special place. We also offer private cremation services. For private cremation you will receive you pets ashes back inside a beautifully designed wooden box in 7-10 days.

Before leaving, you will need to see the receptionist to make your payment if you have not previously done so.