Baths and shave downs must be dropped off before 9:00AM. If your pet has to be put under anesthesia for shave downs make sure to put away their food and water when you go to bed or no later than midnight the night before the procedure. Any time your pet is scheduled for anesthesia, fasting will be required.

You will be greeted by the receptionist. They will check you in and get a weight on your pet. An assistant will come to bring your pet to the back. While here your pet will have a yellow neck band and a card on the kennel for identification. Also, any pet dropped off will receive a Cap Star. Cap Star is a flea preventative that starts working quickly and protects your pet for 24 hours. Your pet will be kept in a size appropriate kennel while waiting. Before being bathed or shaved your pet will be looked at by a technician or doctor. Your pet will then be brought to our grooming area for the services requested. They will also receive a complimentary nail trim and ear cleaning. After the bath, your pet will be brushed out, dried, and returned to their kennel until time for pick up. We will call you to let you know about today’s visit and what time your pet will be ready to go home. Pets are taken out individually to our secure fenced in yards at 8:00, 11:00, and 4:00. They will also be given fresh water. Only pets staying overnight receive food unless otherwise specified by the owner or a veterinarian. When you come to pick up your pet you will need to see the receptionist to make your payment for today’s visit. Then the receptionist will have an assistant bring your pet to the lobby. The assistant will be more than happy to help with taking your pet to the vehicle.

Please make sure ALL pets are on a leash or in a carrier.