You will be greeted by the receptionist. They will check you in, get a weight on your pet and let the veterinarian know you are here. Shortly after an assistant will come to the lobby, call your name, and bring you to an exam room to wait for the veterinarian. When the veterinarian comes in the room they will discuss with you the symptoms your pet is displaying and give the pet a good overall exam. At this point, the doctor may suggest more diagnostic test such as blood work or radiographs to determine what is causing your pets symptoms. Be prepared. Most tests will take at least 45 minutes, some may take longer. You are welcome to wait in the lobby or exam room during these tests or you can let your pet stay with us and return when the testing is finished. The doctors findings from the exam or diagnostics may result in medication for you to administer at home or your pet may need to be hospitalized at the veterinarians’ recommendation. While your pet is here for any length of time you can expect a technician or doctor to keep you updated on the care and treatment your pet is receiving. When your pet is ready to go home payment will need to be made at the front desk. An assistant will be more than happy to help with taking your pet to the vehicle.

Please make sure ALL pets are on a leash or in a carrier.